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Paintings in the International Contemporary Artists coffee table book:
Impressionist oil painter and website developer Paul Berenson

New 10/6/14

Newest Paintings
Flower Gardens
Great America
Classical Figure
William's Garden at Mt. Shasta
William's Garden
Kona Sunset
Kona Sunset
Panther Meadows
Panther Meadows

Paul's recent updates: October 6, 2014



(Journal of Paul Berenson)

In loving memory of my dearly beloved Ann Patrice Prebys (6/12/51 - 7/7/06)

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"Dahlia and Iris Garden"
Flower Garden
"Jacarandas 2013"
Santa Barbara Gallery
"William's Garden at Mt. Shasta"
Flower Garden
"Bouganvilla at Waikalua
Hawaii Gallery
Angelic Thief
Classical Figure Gallery

Paul Berenson Oil Paintings, Prints, & Websites since 1998

PaulB.com is the official site for California Oil Painter Paul Berenson. While not painting for any particular taste or style, he studied the paintings and color theory of Vincent van Gogh as laid out in these two letters, the actual paintings, and intense studies from nature. Paying close attention to the variety of strong colors to accent the masses, he pays tribute to pointilism with broken and gray scales like Claude Monet, with it's emphasis of the mixture of colored light in the eye when seen at a distance.His 2000 or so paintings of wide ranging subjects vibrate with the light of the Southern California sun. He uses form to create apparent reality as a bridge, from the mind of the artist to the mind of the viewer. Paul also builds websites and is a member of the LA Web Professionals Group.

He also has numerous drawings, sketches, and "Thoughts", a Journal of 72 volumes documenting his life as an artist. His works have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Philharmonic Playbill. Enjoy your visit and check back often. Click on any picture to enlarge it.

"Jacaranda Tree and Flower Garden"
Santa Barbara Gallery
Napa Valley "Autumn Vinyard"
Great America
"FluffThe Attack Cat"
Fluff Gallery
Updated Frequently
Life Size Bromelias

"Rainhas de Bateria"
Samba Gallery

"Herbie and Husker Elvis at the 2009 Holiday Bowl Huskerpedia Tailgate Party"
Nebraska Football

Alagoas Boat
Brasil Gallery

"Butterfly At Lake Superior"
Great America

Yellow Tipped Haliconia

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