Paul Berenson uses form primarily to create an apparent reality as a bridge from the mind of the artist to the mind of the viewer. From his paintings of leading sports figures to classical ballet dancers, and flowers, he fuses color and motion to capture elegance, athleticism, and power. In recent years he has traveled extensively throughout the Western U.S. creating symphonies of color from the varied natural landscapes.

Paul feels that the true direction of painting for the 21st Century was demonstrated by Vincent van Gogh when he said, "Painting as it is now promises to become more subtle. More like music, less like sculpture. Above all it promises color...Ah! To paint figures as Claude Monet paints landscape! That in spite of everything remains to be done." That is as true now as it was in 1888.

Berenson studied painting at The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, where he not only read and analyzed the writings of Vincent van Gogh, Eugene Delacroix, and numerous other painters, but more importantly, interpreted the masterworks and learned how they were painted. From Claude Monet, he realized the atmospheric quality of multiple layers of harmonious colors. From van Gogh, he utilized the vivid contrasts of complementary colors and tonal values. Intensive studies from nature taught him to combine these harmoniously in a manner completely unique to himself.

Paul Berenson has exhibited in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and Santa Barbara. His paintings are in collections throughout the United States, Europe, Japan, and Brazil. Reproductions of his works have appeared in numerous publications, including the New York Philharmonic Playbill. He was born in 1949 and currently resides and paints in Santa Barbara, California. You can visit him on the World Wide Web at

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