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Retired Santa Barbara radio personality Paul Berenson is a dedicated oil painter who paints every day and orders his life around it.

Painting is the primary focus of his life. His interest in art began in 1971 when he drew a portrait in pencil of legendary rock and roll star, Little Richard. Richard saw it, was so impressed that he wanted the picture and Paul happily obliged. Over the next two years he continued to draw and learned how to play the guitar. Following a trip to the Pacific Northwest in 1973, he decided to pursue painting as a career.

Upon returning to Santa Barbara, Berenson read van Gogh's complete letters including #536 and #537 where Vincent explains to his brother how he uses The Law of Siluntaneous Contrast to break colors. He mixes complements yellow and violet into each other to form neutralish colors with which to mix with colors in various degrees of saturation.

In 1977 Paul moved to Boston to analyze and copy the Masterpieces at The Museum of Fine Arts, while being careful to,, as Vincent says, "re-creat[e the picture] in a colour spectrum PARALLEL to, but not necessarily exactly, or far from the same as the subject." He also began experimenting outdoors, using subjects from nature. This became his focus when he returned to Santa Barbara in 1978. His vivid colors literally jump off the canvas. All of his works are finished in his studio, with lighting comparable to how they will be seen.

After exhibiting throughout most of the 1980's, he withdrew from marketing his creative work in the 1990's to pursue a career in radio. Although he was on the air nightly he dedicated his days to painting. His passion was dramatic classical figure painting from subjects such as Wagner's operas, The Lord of the Rings before it became popular, and various literary and historical subjects.

He began marketing on the internet at in 1997, and is now actively exhibiting.


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