Paul Berenson


These are oil paintings from my first trip to Brasil in fall of 2006. I landed in Sao Paulo and stayed with friends Sunday night and Monday. Tuesday I flew to Maceio, the capital of Alagoas state, the least developed state of Brazil. The next day I went to the small beach town of Praia do Frances, and spent three days exploring and hanging on the beautiful beach. Saturday I flew to Salvador. I spent Sunday exploring the Pelorhino, where I met some Elviane and her friends. They didn't speak English, I didn't speak Portuguese, but we played music, drank beer, communicated just fine, and had a great time to finish off the day. Monday I flew to Manaus, where I took a 3 night, 4 day Amazon trip up the Black River. From there I went to Rio de Janeiro, stayed Sunday - Tuesday, before flying back to Sao Paulo for breakfast with my friends, and then to LA. These are my souvenirs of the trip. Any comments or suggestions about the new site would be much appreciated. You can email me at

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