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This is the best collection of intrenet software I've found. It's all performance rated, checked for viruses, and it's very well organized to save time.

This is the best web site creation and management program out there. It's as simple as using a word processor. You can use an HTML editor, and Photoshop from within the program. It comes with an easy to follow instruction book, and the tech support is as good as it gets. They also have first rate web resource site.

This is an excellent HTML editor. I use it with Web Express. It's careware, and doesn't cost money.

Adobe Makers of high end software that's priced as such. It's worth every penny, though.

Macromedia Dreamweaver is the ultimate in web development tools. Try UltraDev if you're into database development.

Allaire ColdFusion developers and also the makers of Allaire Home Site, award winninh HTML editor.

Finch Computer A great training center in L.A.. for all kinds of software and hardware Authorized Adobe and Microsoft training and testing center.

About.com A great source for most everything. This goes to graphic design, and this to web design My Arts Links page goes to their fine arts section. This is their Santa Barbara site.

AndyArt.Com Great Resource for graphics and tips.

Builder.Com This is a very good web resource site. It's part of Cnet. Also Download.com for software.

Java Boutique These are excellent java sites. You can get applets, scripts, and tutorials.
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DriverGuide.com This site has most every driver made. It's extremely easy to use, once you join



Chef 2 Chef Everything for the chef. Recipes, restaurants, books, tools. Great site!

Bad Frog Beer I've never had the beer, but they have a really cool web site.


Nebraska Cornhuskers This is my favorite Husker Page. Check out Colonel Mustard's column. They also have Dr. Tom's occaisional columns. This is a great link page. Here's a webcast, and more. Also be sure to see my paintings of the two most recent Championships.

Washington Huskies Dawgman: The ultimate Huskie site. Everything from columns, to recruiting. Good links.

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